Uncompromising Craftsmanship

Throughout my life, I have had electronics as my daily fulcrum. It started in early childhood lying on the floor in my room with my soldering iron making all kinds of old-school PCBs from scratch, followed by tearful frustrations over homemade devices and amps that burned to pieces soon replaced by ecstatic joy when it succeeded. Later, at the age of 13, I was allowed to use the electronics workshop in my father's radio shop "PL Radio" along with a huge basement for testing my home-built amplifiers.

After several years of training and employment as a development engineer it became possible to realize the dream of self-employment and I have been running a hard-/software company full time for the last 15 years along with developing ultimate amplifiers for personal use. This led to the launching of the brand Panterri Audio.

It's my hope that many electronics enthusiasts, like myself, with a passion for perfect sound will find inspiration and hopefully do their best purchase ever with a Panterri product.

Thanks for stopping by.

Grateful geeky greetings,

Thomas Larsen

Founder of Panterri Audio

Panterri Audio Thomas Larsen