PANTERRI AUDIO is a Danish builder of high quality DIY power amplifier modules, DACs, Power supplies and the accessories you need for building your own amplifier.

We are proud to offer our customers the finest audio parts for private homes and professional installations.

We have a small exclusive selection of the finest components in power amplifiers, which are uniquely designed, built from the ground up and obviously not clones or near-clones.

Everything has been taken into account as well as the importance of preparing well explained documentation. 

AIC822 Advanced Input Controller


The Panterri amplifier modules will bring you the optimum basis to obtain perfect sound.

We only make unique products based on 30 years of nonstop daily experience with electronics development and building of amplifiers using the highest quality components to complete our thoroughly designed circuits, providing matchless clarity.

We never compromise.

That's it.


Panterri is owned by and located in the premises of TL Technology ApS, A Danish company that develops and produces advanced electronic circuit board for Danish industry and design companies.

Panterri Audio



Panterri grew primarily out of Thomas Larsen’s obsession with electronics and sound. His development of the modules originates from an old dream of making the ultimate amplifier.

The first drawings were made 20 years ago and have over time been updated and during the last 2 years carefully completed down to the smallest detail.

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